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How to become a host family (Chatter) with Kate&Tao?

become a chatter (host family)

Live a human experience without boarders to help young travellers improve their English

Interested in living a great human experience with Kate&Tao?  Let’s try becoming a Chatter! A Chatter is the term we use at Kate&Tao to name a host family. Behind Kate&Tao there is a 54-years-old linguistic company called SILC. The founder of the French Bain Linguistique® (Full Family Immersion) in 1965 is launching a new service in April 2018 : The Trip and Chat by Kate & Tao.

Chatter, Tripster, Trip&Chat, what does it mean?

A Trip&Chat is the new way to learn a language. To better understand this new concept, let us explain the three keywords on which this immersive language learning vacation is based.
Chatter: The family/person who is hosting a guest;
Tripster: The guest who wants to improve his level of language and discover a new culture;
Trip&Chat: The expression Kate&Tao use to name an immersive language learning vacation.

Why hosting foreign people as Chatter?

Most of ours host families in Canada/ UK / Ireland agree that being a Chatter is a wonderful experience for the following main reasons:
– Meet people from all over the world;
– Help a young Tripster improve his/her English just sharing your daily life/your culture;
– Be part of a great human experience;
– ‘And, Cherry on the top, you are paid to participate in this experience!’. Yes, in addition for hosting a Tripster you will receive a monetary compensation (for accommodation, food and activities).

What is it that you have to do if you want to become a host family?

Kate&Tao is looking for host families, who have a bedroom available for a Tripster. But, to organize the best Trip&Chat for you and your guest we are also looking for people who are available, with qualities such as tolerance, open-mindedness, …

The last requirement is to commit yourself in speaking exclusively in English with your guest because it’s really important for the Tripster to improve his/her level of language.

What do you organize with your Tripster?

You can organize all you want with your guest ! There are plenty of examples : show him/her around the market, try local food and cook together, organize a city tour, a museum visit or a picnic in a park, take part in a festival, go cycling, hiking or canoeing, do some gardening…

Testimonial of one of our host family in Canada

« We went to Manitoba in our Pick up truck and camper that’s fully equipped as a house brand new. We stopped on our way for 1 overnight by my mom and dad. In this place called Seven sister Falls Manitoba. My mom loves to show and tell all about Canadian way of gardening and cooked amazing food She made fresh picked blueberry pie and icecream. I bought us on the 3 hr drive here a tasty peanut butter and marshmallow squares and ham and beef sandwiches at a Truck stop. My mom gave us pickeled carrots and cucumber. yum. This early morning we woke up at 5am because my Dad took the boys fishing. They caught 3 fish in half an hour !
Later in at lunch we will be heading to Winnipeg till he leaves home to you. Our plan is to explore Winnipeg do some shopping and explore St Boniface, The Forks, Polor Bear exhibit and Zoo, Legislative Building, Human rights Museum and taste some more Canadian food ».
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