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SILC to launch a new Family Immersion Experience

SILC, founder of the French Bain Linguistique® (Full Family Immersion) in 1965, is launching a new service in April 2018 : The Trip and Chat by Kate & Tao.

Though the website kateandtao.comTripsters (travellers) are able to choose their Chatters (host families) with full details (pictures, comments …) and affinities.

Kate & Tao’s aim is to re-enchant the language-traveller and put human touch and a sense of sharing back into the relationship between the traveler/student and the host families. How? By creating a new community of host families, fully committed to caring for their travellers. As Kate & Tao expects more from its Chatters (host families), it will pay them more and have them be certified and visited every time it’s needed by independent Spotters.

What’s really new with Kate & Tao? Since in April 2018, Tripsters (travelers) will be able to choose their Chatters from pictures and descriptions, as they would on homestay platforms, but they will also be able to choose from a wide range of affinity criteria, in order to make the best matching possible. The Tripsters will also have the help of a Chatbot to guide them in the process of choice, registration, during and after their programme is completed.

The first Trip and Chats will take place in Canada (under 1.000€ for 2 weeks) and will expand internationally.

In the next version (winter 2018), the matching will be done with Artificial Intelligence coupled with a more complex Chatbot.

This new experience in family immersion will enhance SILC’s classic products as it is addressing a parallel international market.

Kate & Tao combines learning a language in real life with the help of artificial intelligence. Technology helping humans understand each other better is the purpose of Kate & Tao. A great challenge SILC is proud to take on.

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Press Contact: Laetitia Taesch-Laribiere – hello@kateandtao.com – +33 (0) or +33 (0)

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