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How to become a ‘ Spotter ‘ and earn an extra income with Kate&Tao?

Spotter during a mission with a host family

Everything you need to know about KateandTao’s project and Spotter’s missions

Are you looking for an extra income? Are you sociable, rigorous, reactive and a good observer? Why not become a ‘Spotter’! Kate&tao launched in 2018 a new concept: an alternative to language study vacation through its Trip&Chat (immersive language program). 

Why do we need Spotters?

As a french company we can’t be in every cities where our ‘Chatters’ are based (host families). For this reason we ask our Spotters to be ‘our eyes and ears’. They can be in charge of two different missions which are :

‘Certification’: Visit a new host family in your area to make sure they respect our hosting conditions. It’s also your assignment to check if they are truely motivated in becoming a Chatter. For this duty Kate&tao provide a Checklist with questions #easy 

‘Conflict Management’: Usually conflicts between guests and Chatters are not common but it can happen. In this kind of situation we ask you to discuss with them separatly to find a solution for both parts.

How do we proceed?

Tempted by the adventure ? Click on « Apply to become a Spotter »

Link to the google form

You want to know more about our process ? Follow these 4 steps and become a Spotter.

Get an extra income with Kate&tao- follow these steps

Chatter, Tripster, Spotter, Trip&Chat, why do we use these terms?

Kate&Tao is a new brand set up by the language study holiday company named SILC. This new activity was created to give an alternative to the classic language program: the Trip&Chat.
For this innovative concept we needed new vocabulary which can clearly make the difference between the classic language study holiday and KateandTao.

What is a Trip&Chat?

A Trip&Chat is an immersive language program to let a Tripster (young traveller) improve his/ her language skills in an intuitive way. How? By sharing a Chatter’s daily life. Chatters are host families who are comitted to give the best language experience with the Tripster. We select only host families who are highly motivated to be part of this great human experience.

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