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The Tripster’s Charter of good conduct

As a Tripster, you are going to stay with Chatters who commit themselves to respecting a charter. Among others, they commit to picking you up on arrival, speaking a lot of time with you and speaking only in French/Spanish in order to help you improve your level.

Chatters are not the only one who have to respect a charter. Since you read the title of this paragraph, you now know that you have your own ! It allows you to keep in mind what this experience involves and, as far as the Chatters are concerned, to ensure them that you are an independent and mature person they can host with no fear.

For a successful Trip&Chat experience, you must observe the following 5 rules!

#InFrench/SpanishPlease : You commit yourself in making every effort to speak French/Spanish, even if your Chatters understand English! The Chatters will also observe this rule so you can improve your French/Spanish.

#Don’tBeShy : The Chatters are open and friendly, they will not judge you on your language level. In fact, they  are here to help you improve it. During your Trip&Chat you must aim at communicating with the Chatters and at making all efforts to integrate, rather than stay on your own. Feel free to question them for anything you may need!

#ReadyToGo : Before you leave, take some time to discuss with your Chatters. Certainly they will look forward to knowing more about you and, above all, to hearing about possible allergies or about your food diet. You must give them as much information as you can about your journey so that they are on time at the airport/station to pick you up when you arrive.

#DoYourPart : The Chatters will host you on a full board basis, but it does not prevent you from helping in cooking, setting the table and keeping your room tidy, etc… like you already do at home 😉

#Family : The Chatters will be like a new family to you. It means that you will have to listen to them, like you listen to your parents at home! If you are underage, they are responsible for you during your Trip&Chat. So, you will have to stick to their rules. If you smoke, you must keep it to a sensible level, fitting with the Chatters’ rules. If you are underage, you will not be allowed to go out on your own in the evening unless you have your parents’ AND the Chatters’ permission.


If you have any question on these #, we’re here to tell you more! Feel free to contact us for a chat.


Enjoy your Trip&Chat!

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